Network Consulting

Find out below how you can access individual support. We can provide advice, guidance, information as well as on-line support for the Tellabs Network Management Systems.

Nowadays, Tellabs is a part of the Coriant company.

  • EXPERT SUPPORT OF TELLABS 6300, 8100, 8000 INM AND 8600

    • Monitoring
    • Supervision
    • On-site Experts
    • Software Upgrades
    • Technical Support Agreements
    • Network and System Consultancy
    • Incident, Outage Investigation and Solving
    • Network and System Audits and Optimizations
    • Operations Automatization
      • (provisioning, automatizations, monitoring, etc.)
  • Tellabs 6300 NE and NMS

    • Tellabs 6300 Site Audit
    • Tellabs 6300 NE Upgrade
    • Tellabs 6300 NMS Upgrade
    • Tellabs 6300 DCN Planning
    • Tellabs 6300 Sync Planning
    • Tellabs 6300 NMS Migration
    • Tellabs 6300 NMS Installation
    • Tellabs 6300 Network Planning
    • Tellabs 6300 Troubleshooting (NMS/NE)
  • 8000INM

    • Tellabs 8000INM Audit
    • Tellabs 8000INM Merge
    • Tellabs 8000INM Installation
    • Tellabs 8000INM Configuration
    • Tellabs 8000INM Security hardening
    • Tellabs 8000INM Server Security Audit
    • Tellabs 8000INM Upgrade
      • (all cold, warm and hot, provided that the customer has the SW & license)
  • Tellabs 8100 NE and NMS

    • Tellabs 8100 NE Upgrade
    • Tellabs 8100 NMS Upgrade
    • Tellabs 8100 DCN Planning
    • Tellabs 8100 Sync Planning
    • Tellabs 8100 NMS Installation
    • Tellabs 8100 Network Planning
    • Tellabs 8100 Troubleshooting (NMS/NE)
  • 8600 NE

    • Tellabs 8600 NE Upgrade
    • Tellabs 8600 Troubleshooting

Methods proven

  1. Remote Support is our default method via so called support ‘cases’.
    • Tried and tested method for case solving.
  2. Remote acces.
    • Pretty self-explanatory with all the NDA’s and confidentiality that goes with it.
  3. Logged on to dispatch a case and an Engineer is online?
    • Ask him directly!
  4. On-Call – Our Engineers are there just for YOU!
    • Got a question?
    • Call us!
  5. Live chat through web-portal.
    • Good for those non-time sensitive issues you need to figure out but are not really impacting your business.
  6. On-site support.
    • Something’s really wrong?
    • One of our Expert Engineers can be right there with you in a short while.
  7. Plus many new revolutionary services that makes the life of our Customer (YOU) easier and more manageable.

Tellabs 6300 NE and NMS

Tellabs 6300 Network Manager is a complete element manager and network manager, which allows you to survey both equipment and traffic, to set up and re-configure end-to-end connections, to manage equipment, and to collect performance data for the traffic.

Tellabs 6300 Network Element, network and performance management modules are fully integrated modules on the TeMIP platform.

Tellabs 8000INM

Tellabs 8000 Network Manager is a powerful and scalable network and services management system for use with the Tellabs 8600 Managed Edge System, Tellabs 8100 Managed Access System, Tellabs 7100 Optical Transport System, Tellabs 6300 Managed Transport System, and Tellabs 8800 Multi-Service Router Series.

Tellabs 8100 NMS

Tellabs 8100 Network Management System has evolved to meet the needs of customers’ ever-changing service, technology and media needs. The Tellabs 8100 managed access system is composed of carrier-class network nodes and terminating units, plug-in units and modules, a single network management system, and supporting services:

Tellabs 8110 Network Terminating Unit
reduces installation and operational costs with built-in service creation support and improves data services with customer premises modems.
Tellabs 8140 Midi Node
enables a variety of services through one piece of equipment and offers flexible access at customer premises. It is a condensed version of the Tellabs 8150 Basic Node.
Tellabs 8150 Basic Node
enables a variety of services through one piece of equipment and offers flexible access at customer premises.
Tellabs 8184 Access Switch
provides high system capacity integrating high and low order connectivity with full service flexibility and resilience.
Tellabs 8188 Access Switch
is a scalable yet modular cross-connect element, which offers an efficient access service platform and gateway to SDH networks.

Tellabs 8600 NE

Tellabs 8600 system is designed to lower operating expenses. Its energy efficient design reduces the operating costs and meets the environment sustainability goals of many of customers.

Tellabs 8660 Edge Switch is an IP/MPLS-based switch designed to fulfill the most demanding requirements of service providers. Thanks to its distributed switching and modular architecture, it has a low initial cost of deployment and excellent scalability.

The Tellabs 8660 switch can cover all locations within the mobile network between the core network and local exchange sites. It has all the features needed for smart migration towards LTE and full support for both 3G and 2G and provides a smart migration path towards Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC).

The Tellabs 8660 switch supports various interfaces from 10G Ethernet to channelized TDM and POS and offers the full redundancy needed in service providers networks.

When coupled with the Tellabs 8000 Intelligent Network Manager, which provides end-to-end network and service management, service providers will maximize their operational efficiency and lower the operating expenses. The system scales from a single small managed network element up to tens of thousands of network elements.

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